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COBIT 5: a look at the update


Well here it is mid-July and time already for my second post. Welcome! I hope you’re having a great start to your summer.

In June, my first post said I would be sharing news in coming posts. Well today let’s spend a few minutes on the revised ISACA business framework for the governance and management of enterprise information technology known as COBIT 5.

For one, it is great to see its executive summary state that information technology has become “pervasive” in enterprises and in social, public and business environments; two, it is also great to see the framework’s usage of the words “intrinsic quality.” I say this since from a modern quality management perspective it is essential that quality be intrinsic and pervasive to increasingly greater degrees.

For those who may be wondering why factoring COBIT 5 into decisions may be important: for one, COBIT 5 builds on more than 15 years of practical usage of prior versions, and two, COBIT 5 addresses the need to:

  1. Make everyone (more stakeholders) part of solutions, better manage information, align IT and the business, and achieve increasing enterprise value, user satisfaction and compliance with law and with major frameworks and standards
  2. Factor in evolving roles and functions such as the role of the chief information officer (CIO) and the function known as information technology, and to further provide guidance in the area of innovation and emerging technologies and to enhance the coverage of end-to-end IT functional responsibilities
  3. Ensure better controls for increasing user-driven IT solutions and simplify (e.g., to unify, consolidate or merge) various ISACA frameworks and guidance while elevating the content (e.g., the message, information and value)

Click here for more information on COBIT 5.

Feel free to let us know whether you’re applying COBIT 5 and what it means for your organization. (Thank you in advance for commenting!)

Ron Richard
Quality management specialist

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Ron Richard

Quality, Information Technology and Enterprise Risk Management specialist at Ron Richard Consulting
Ron Richard, Quality, Information Technology and Enterprise Risk Management specialist has held positions at most any level of an organization, and acquired more than 30 years of relevant experience including related work done at the College of the North Atlantic. Ron is author of Inherent Quality Simplicity and the Inside Internal Control newsletter Modern Quality Management series. Read more
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