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Information technology and modern quality management

Information Technology PolicyProGreetings, and welcome to my first post in First Reference’s new blog. I hope you’re having a great day, and I thank you for reading. In coming posts, I will share work being done to increasingly ensure modern quality management is inherently part of your organization’s information technology efforts.

Through each of my periodic posts, I will be sharing news related to information technology, compliance and tools and resources that can help implement risk management solutions, e.g., consideration for such things as COBIT5 and more.

Ultimately, through my posts, I will endeavour to ensure increasing value for you.

As you read my posts, feel free to leave comments and share ideas. If you do, thank you in advance, this is greatly appreciated.

Ever wonder what policies you may be missing or which ones should be updated or how to make such improvements quickly?

With First Reference’s Information Technology PolicyPro, you can quickly:

  • Determine policy and procedure needs and priorities
  • Customize policies and procedures for review and approval within your organization
  • Keep policies and procedures current with the help of regular best practice updates

Ron Richard
Quality management specialist

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Ron Richard

Quality, Information Technology and Enterprise Risk Management specialist at Ron Richard Consulting
Ron Richard, Quality, Information Technology and Enterprise Risk Management specialist has held positions at most any level of an organization, and acquired more than 30 years of relevant experience including related work done at the College of the North Atlantic. Ron is author of Inherent Quality Simplicity and the Inside Internal Control newsletter Modern Quality Management series. Read more
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