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vicarious liability

Alberta Court of Appeal allows apportionment of fault for an accident between a WCB-covered employer and a non WCB-covered party

In McIver v. McIntyre, the Court found that a worker who was injured in a collision could not recover damages against the other vehicle’s owner. The vehicle the worker collided with was operated by a mechanic who was repairing and testing the vehicle while working in the course of his employment.


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Know your exposure: Joint and several liability explained

The legal concept of “joint and several liability” confuses many people. As the name suggests, where “joint and several liability” applies, liability is both…


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The volunteer relationship

Many charities and not-for-profit organizations depend on the dedication and hard work of their volunteers. Volunteer contributions can include fundraising, promotion and advocacy, governance, and service delivery. As such activities are often integrated with day-to-day operations, and integral to an organization’s success, it is important to consider the obligations arising from the relationship between volunteer and organization.


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