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Protecting Canadian public companies from the potential class action fallout of COVID-19

One of the key metrics to determining how attractive a target a company is for class action lawyers is the length of the anticipated “class period” – i.e. the period between the date of the first misrepresentation and the date of the corrective disclosure.


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Ethics and business conduct

The ethical standards of a company are driven from the top. The ethics policy should be recommended by the president, ratified by the board and rolled out to the company with appropriate explanations and training. Implementing and consistently following a top-down ethics policy—with input from all levels—will help employees, customers, stakeholders and others who interact with the company to understand and relate to the company’s intentions.


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Fruits of the city – an example of shared value

Shared value is a different way of looking at CSR that offers a view to the possibility of inherent social responsibility, and the great potential that it offers to people and their economies. That potential lies in serving un- or underserved communities, of which there are many. For example, services directed at specific ethnic groups and immigrants, or hyper-local businesses that understand and meet their communities’ needs better than faceless franchises.


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