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Recruiting and hiring

Hiring foreign workers – Know the risks

A Canadian mining company is at the centre of a foreign worker hiring case, with both sides in a heated debate over whether or not any attempts were made to hire Canadian workers prior to employing over 200 foreign workers at the Murray River mine near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia. HD Mining International Ltd. overseas manager Michael Xiao says the firm completed an exhaustive effort to recruit skillful Canadian workers.


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Implicit bias in the workplace studies: The HR implications


We like to think we are all fair and objective. However, implicit bias is apparent in everyone, regardless of if you accept it or not. An Implicit Association Test by Project Implicit at Harvard University reminds us that while people don’t often speak their minds, we might actually not even know our minds. Are we purposely hiding something from others, or are we implicitly hiding something from ourselves? When it comes to strategic recruitment, implicit bias plays a big role.


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