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policy and procedures

Six principles for effective risk management

In World-Class Risk Management, I review the eleven principles in the ISO 31000:2009 global risk management standard and condense them to just six.


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Policy and procedures in the non-profit sector

Recent events in non-for-profit institutions and organizations have raised the critical issue of the procedures followed to resolve conflicts and situations where the interests of the institution need to be balanced with the rights of individuals…


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Facebook: Friend or foe?

Beware all litigants! Anything you post on Facebook may be used against you in a court of law.


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IT strategy – avoiding problems, getting the most from your investments

Information technology has infiltrated just about every aspect of business, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to avoid developing a dedicated IT strategy in order to support your main business goals. A new book describes how even minor software troubles can lead to big headaches for organizations, especially if they rely on the software to carry out their business.


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