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Ensure secure disposal of hardware

Organizations often make the mistake of considering the disposal of hardware only when they are ready to discard equipment, if at all. Instead, they should plan for hardware disposal throughout the entire systems development lifecycle, from acquisition and testing through to operations.


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A step-by-step guide to creating a cybersecurity plan

The first step is easily accomplished by reviewing a few definitions. The second step is trickier. The third step may involve a lot of work, but you can start with six straightforward steps.


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NIST’s recommended password policy evolves

As imperfect a means of authentication as they are, “memorized secrets” like passwords, pass phrases and PINs are common, and indeed are the primary means of authentication for most computer systems. In June, the National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a new publication on digital identity management that, in part, recommends changes to password policy that has become standard in many organizations—policy requiring passwords with special characters.


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Protecting sensitive data against the insider threat with data masking

With an overabundance of information being stored or created in electronic format, and various tools for turning data (i.e., personally identifiable information, intellectual property, credit card) into cash, goods, and other services, the risks of doing business have increased. We are hearing more and more about attacks where the target is sensitive data, and the perpetrators are those with elevated levels of trust and access within the business.


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