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How do I ensure accountability for IT systems?

One of the key elements needed to ensure accountability is reporting the right statistics and metrics. Each user department is responsible for ensuring that its information technology needs are addressed, and the IT department is responsible for providing overall cost-effectiveness, quality and coordination. The IT department can play its role by ensuring that IT metrics are captured and disseminated. User departments and the IT department must both be involved; neither may be permitted to abdicate its responsibilities.


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IT strategy – avoiding problems, getting the most from your investments

Information technology has infiltrated just about every aspect of business, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to avoid developing a dedicated IT strategy in order to support your main business goals. A new book describes how even minor software troubles can lead to big headaches for organizations, especially if they rely on the software to carry out their business.


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Are all those log-in passwords worth your time?

I’m sure this news will come as a relief to many computer and Internet users out there: a recent study by a researcher at Microsoft has found that many IT security measures—those things we love to hate like having to change passwords every three months or having individual passwords for a dozen different work accounts—simply don’t provide good value for the time and effort they involve, not to mention the bad habits they often cause!


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The cost of security breaches in Canada

  There’s a new report from TELUS in partnership with the Rotman School of Management that helps quantify the cost of IT security breaches to Canadian companies. The report, based on a survey of more than 600 IT security professionals in Canada found that:   IT security breaches cost the average organization an estimated $834,000 in […]



The cost of malware

After a carefree summer, here´s just the thing to help you prepare for the terrors of the modern workplace: a recent OECD study entitled Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Software: A Threat to the Internet Economy, which estimates that the average business spends between 6 and 10 percent of its total technology budget addressing issues arising from malware.