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Gender equality

New compensation rules will affect all Ontario employers

New compensation rules are coming to Ontario and will affect Ontario employers. Shortly before the Ontario legislature closed for business pending the outcome of the June 7 election, Ontario enacted Bill 3, which imposes new obligations on employers relating to the hiring process and the reporting of workplace compensation. This law presents some new risks […]


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Canadian Securities Administrators progress report on women on boards and in executive officer positions

The extent and impact of gender disparities on boards and in executive officer positions are well-documented. The Canadian Securities Administrators recently released a progress report on the disclosure requirements which were implemented to increase transparency around the issue. The results engender both hope and concern.


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Boards of Directors Modernization Act, Bill S-217

On June 19, 2014, Bill S-217 – An Act to modernize the composition of the boards of directors of certain corporations, financial institutions and parent Crown corporations, and in particular to ensure the balanced representation of women and men on those boards – received second reading in the House of Commons and was referred to the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce.


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