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federal election

Post-election comedown

So approximately 6.1 out of every 10 Canadians went to the polls or mailed in a ballot to vote in the 41st general election, and the Conservative Party won its long-coveted majority, despite the charges of contempt that felled the previous Parliament. Will we have a nice and stable four years to build on our economic recovery, as the Conservatives campaigned? Or will we find the country irrevocably transformed in the Conservative image, as the Liberals and NDP charged?


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Election fever! Who’s got it?

It’s that exciting time again, when somewhat more than half of Canadians over 18 will come together to select the people who will govern us until the next impassable crisis of parliamentary confidence. For some, it’s a celebratory time when we Canadians demonstrate our democratic will. For others, it’s a cynical time (I know: how can it be?) when incumbents and hopefuls tell us what we want to hear just to win their seats in Ottawa and their cushy benefits.


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