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Help! I have been defamed online – Part III, the perils of being Googled

Have you “googled” yourself lately? If you have not, I recommend that you go ahead and do so. You might be surprised by what you discover is posted about you online.


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Help! I have been defamed online: Practical tips – Part I

Anyone who has been defamed online knows how devastating such experience could be to a person’s professional and social reputation. Indeed, even years later, some victims are still afraid to “google” their names, not wanting to discover an obscure link that contains the defamation.


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Cyberlibel – Why your interactive website might expose you to liability

If you operate a website with interactive capabilities, such as a chat room, a blog, or even if you provide your readers with the option of posting their comments on your website, you may be held liable by a Canadian court for defamatory comments posted by anonymous strangers on your website.


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