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Back to school: A new world for foreign universities

The system of rules imposed on registered charities are complex and are imposed both on the collection of revenue and its spending. In theory, all of these rules now apply to foreign universities.


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Finance committee report into charitable donation incentives is a disappointment

Several years after hearings into charitable donation incentives were first proposed by Member of Parliament Peter Braid, we finally have the report of the Parliamentary Finance Committee. Unfortunately, it seems that the after years of anticipation the final report is neutered of any real effect because it lacks analysis. Fundamentally, the report is a review of the submissions made by the various witnesses followed by a qualified set of recommendations and even at that is a light read.


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Charitable receipting can be a charity’s achilles heel

The story of Achilles comes to mind in thinking of the approach most charities take toward formatting their receipts. The recent Afovia v. The Queen, 2012 TCC 391 case being the most recent instance


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