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Selecting software to help manage user access risk

I believe software is essential in managing user access risk, not only for SOX but also for other business risks. In fact, the potential harm from inappropriate access is typically greater for other business risk (such as the possibility of disruption of activities such as revenue generation or manufacturing, reputation risk, and the protection of valuable intellectual property) than it is for SOX.


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Indian experiment would have interesting implications in Canada

One of the advantages of being part of the commonwealth is that we share commonalities in methods of taxation and governance with a variety of different countries. So when one of these countries experiments with a different way of doing things we should examine the attempt for lessons which can be learned here. So it is with great interest that we note a recent attempt by India to mandate gifts back to the community in the name of corporate social responsibility.


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How well is your IT department positioned for the future?

Ideally your IT processes are effective and efficient, and the department itself is viewed favourably by its customers, employees, and management. If at all possible, your IT department is positioned well enough to meet future needs and you have a good grasp on what you are doing to develop opportunities to answer present and future challenges.


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