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Year in review: Five key takeaways from Canadian trademark case law in 2019

2019 was a year to remember in Canadian trademark law primarily because, after a delay of five years, Canada finally implemented the amendments to the Canadian Trademarks Act introduced in 2014.


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Cause marketing – much more than a sponsorship opportunity

You’ve seen the pink ribbon, the Coca-Cola polar bears, and the Project Red Starbucks cards. You might have even worn the infamous yellow Livestrong bracelet at one point. Cause marketing is more prevalent than ever before, as more for-profit businesses see the benefits of partnering with non-profit organizations for mutual benefit, and consumers seek brands that do good, in addition to doing well…


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IT strategy – avoiding problems, getting the most from your investments

Information technology has infiltrated just about every aspect of business, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to avoid developing a dedicated IT strategy in order to support your main business goals. A new book describes how even minor software troubles can lead to big headaches for organizations, especially if they rely on the software to carry out their business.


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