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Not-for-Profit: Ontario announces plan for partnership with NPOs

handshake-smOn April 22, the government of Ontario announced that it will develop a long-term plan for its partnership with the not-for-profit sector in collaboration with the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The government will undertake research across the province, including:

  • Reviewing the structural and legislative framework within which Ontario’s not-for-profit sector operates
  • Exploring how better to coordinate the government’s approach to the sector
  • Researching models of government-not-for-profit sector partnerships in other jurisdictions and reporting on the results of the research and recommendations later this year

As the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration commented, “The process will explore how to better coordinate the government’s approach to the sector, in terms of policies, procedures, operational mechanisms, research and communication.”

Colin Braithwaite
First Reference Internal Controls Managing Editor

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