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Online services for federal not-for-profit corporations

Corporations Canada, the department of Industry Canada responsible for corporations and similar organizations, has introduced a number of new online services for federal corporations, including those incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Not-for-profit organizations may incorporate, file annual returns, pre-approve a corporate name, obtain a corporation key, change director information, change registered office information and receive reminder email messages about annual returns. Filing an annual return online will cost an organization $20; incorporating, $200. There is no fee for the rest of the listed services.

According to Corporations Canada’s frequently asked questions:

A Corporation Key is an eight-digit access code that must be entered, along with a corporation number, before certain online transactions can be carried out on the Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre.

The use of a Corporation Key is an enhanced online security precaution. Only individuals who have a Corporation Key are permitted to file changes to certain corporate information items online with Corporations Canada.

Corporations will require a corporation key in order to access the online services, specifically when the organization wants to change some corporate information via the online portal.

Find the Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre at

Find out about Corporations Canada and incorporating under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act at

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