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IT compliance dictionary – yes!

Maybe this will help directors get up to speed on IT.

Okay, so it’s based on United States regulations, but the new IT Compliance Dictionary website can offer a valuable quick reference for Canadian organizations, too. (And if you do business in the US, well…)

It’s all based on the Unified Compliance Framework, which, according to Network Frontiers, the organization that produced the framework, is:

The only industry-vetted compliance database that reduces the regulatory maze to a much smaller set of “harmonized” controls, giving you a single point of management over hundreds of complex compliance requirements from around the world.

So that sounds pretty reliable. And it’s not just compliance. If you want to know the meanings of tech terms like WEPWPAkernel, malware, trojan, sniffing, MIMEdeployment strategyserverimplementation and just about any other IT term you can think of, then check it out.


Craig Isaacs, CEO of Network Frontiers, points out that the Unified Compliance Framework is based on 500 authority documents from all over the world, including some Canadian legislation. So Canadian organizations can feel confident in using the IT Compliance Dictionary as a relevant resource.

Adam Gorley
First Reference Internal Controls, Human Resources and Compliance Editor

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4 thoughts on “IT compliance dictionary – yes!
  • Adam Gorley says:

    Thanks again Craig!

  • Craig Isaacs says:

    Great – thanks!

    Also note that you (and any of your readers) can view the Unified Compliance Framework for free online via our web site ( It requires registration, but it’s otherwise frictionless.



  • Adam Gorley says:

    Thanks very much for the comment and clarification Craig!

    We appreciate it, and I’ve updated the post.


  • Craig Isaacs says:

    Hi –
    Just a note to let you know that the UCF is based on over 500 Authority Documents (laws, rules, standards, contractual obligations, etc.) from around the world — not just the US. In fact, we even have some Canadian legislation mapped in the UCF. 😉
    Best regards,