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International Financial Reporting Standards – it’s all about the details

IFSRIt’s time for some more IFRS news! At the end of September, the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation released an update to its Guide through International Financial Reporting Standards. The guide “will assist in the preparation, audit and interpretation of IFRS financial statements”, and has been designed specifically for people who need “detailed knowledge” of the standards, as well as people who teach or study the standards. Thank goodness, that doesn’t include me. I have nothing but respect for accountants and the work they do, but I’m happy to be an editor, at least until the robots come.

For all your Canadian medium and small business IFRS transition needs, visit the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ (CICA) IFRS Transition Resources website. Also check out the most recent edition of the CICA’s Assurance implications of the changeover to IFRSs, which “provides guidance to … auditors dealing with significant auditing and assurance matters arising from their clients’ changeover from existing Canadian GAAP to IFRSs.”

Adam Gorley
First Reference Human Resources, Compliance and Internal Controls Editor

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