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Canadian charity law checklist features compliance issues

tickCharity and non-profit lawyer Mark Blumberg offers a compliance checklist for Canadian charities via the charity assistance project.

The 16-page checklist covers numerous important compliance topics, including:

  • Filing your T3010 registered charity information
  • Ensuring your T3010 is correct and complete
  • Ensuring your donation receipts are correct
  • Religious school tuition receipts
  • Fraudulent tax receipts
  • Charity gifting tax shelters
  • Acting outside legal objects
  • Non-charitable activities
  • Avoiding gifts to non-qualified donees
  • Fundraising costs and practices
  • Failure to meet disbursement quota
  • Political activities
  • Unrelated business activities
  • Transactions with directors
  • Employment issues
  • Keeping adequate books and records
  • Maintaining legal status
  • Provincial charitable registration
  • Internal financial controls
  • Basic risk management
  • Governance

While a checklist like this can be a valuable tool, organizations should consult a more comprehensive resource before acting. Not-for-Profit PolicyPro from First Reference, and its internal control peers, Finance & Accounting PolicyPro and Information Technology PolicyPro, offer just that.

Adam Gorley
First Reference Internal Controls, Human Resources and Compliance Editor

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