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With an attitude that encourages growth, Nikoleta & Associates provides executive coaching, leadership development and change management services to clients in multiple industries including construction, consumer packaged goods, professional services, technology, financial services and health care. Through their blog posts, the dynamic team at Nikoleta & Associates offers practical advice for organizations on effective leadership strategies that align to business goals. Read more

Lead from the front lines: The power of coaching in sales training engagements

What is the lifeblood of any organization? Innovation? Talent? Intellectual property, perhaps? But the answer in this case is sales.


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How to fire an employee without crushing their soul

In the world of work, few things strike terror into the hearts of employees more so than being fired. Similarly, for those charged with the responsibility, the action of firing an individual for performance related issues is often equally dreaded.


Workplace team conflict: Avoidance is an option, just not the best one

Whether it be disagreement regarding how to approach a task, internal strife surrounding power dynamics, or simply mutual dislike, some form of conflict will arise in most teams. How effectively a team navigates conflict tends to distinguish the great teams from the average ones, yet many teams avoid addressing conflict, preferring to suppress it, rationalize it or complain about it elsewhere.


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Four ways to avoid toxic leadership

The failure of leadership efforts can scar organizations and demoralize employees.


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Almighty money: Distinguishing between professional and personal worth

While tough budget decisions are sometimes necessary to effectively running a business, communicating these decisions to employees often damages employee morale.


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Networking: Beyond the business card

While everyone from entrepreneurs to human resources professionals tout the importance of networking, it is often viewed as a necessary yet temporary activity – a salvo designed to quickly rectify job loss or lack of venture capital. However, effective networking stems from a genuine desire to help others; this desire remains constant and consistent, regardless of whether your career or company is in transition or firmly established.


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Business development: Drop the conquering mindset

Historically, the approach to business development resembled a “hit and run” attitude. Business development professionals were encouraged to acquire the account quickly, pass it off to someone else in the organization and move on to the next target.


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How to address the risks and effects of workplace stress

Recently, global consulting firm Towers Watson partnered with the National Business Group on Health, seeking insight into the most pressing workforce issues facing employees. Compiled in the study Staying@Work, the results identified three top stressors: inadequate staffing, low pay or low increases in pay and unclear or conflicting job expectations.


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Guidelines for organizational restructuring

When business owners, leaders and human resources professionals identify the opportunity to restructure their organization, they often wonder where to begin. Organization design need not be complex, so long as you follow some essential guidelines.


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