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Author Archive - Miralaw Inc.

Miralaw is an Ottawa-based legal analytics software company committed to increasing peoples’ access to legal information. Since 2013, they have been building the worlds best natural language processing system for the law to change the way people interact with and understand the legal system and help all stakeholders reduce their costs. If you would like to know more or find out how Miralaw can help you, please contact Read more

Survival of the fittest: How can technology help small businesses thrive?

Canada’s failure rate for small and medium sized businesses is staggeringly high. Around one half of small and medium sized businesses survive past five years, while 15% don’t last a year. Today’s smaller businesses face a daunting task. The complexities of today’s market have created new risks, and myriad laws and regulations that can overwhelm just about any sized business.


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Managing company communications with AI

Could AI have helped Google identify the ‘diversity memo’ sooner? This post looks at how AI could help other companies avoid these and many other complications around employee communication.


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