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Author Archive - Hexigent Consulting Inc.

Hexigent Consulting Inc. is a Greater Toronto Area based digital forensics and cyber security firm focusing on investigations, consulting services and litigation support. Hexigent knows their clients need to figure out where they're at risk, and when something goes wrong, they need to manage their investigations while digging through a deluge of digital evidence. Hexigent works closely with clients involved in workplace investigations and civil litigation matters including intellectual property theft, HR investigations and data breaches, and also assists companies with cyber security measures to protect important company information.

Conducting an internal investigation? Here are 4 things to consider


Many internal investigations (such as harassment claims, fraud, misuse of company assets, etc) often involve the use of digital devices and may require a forensic analysis of those devices to find evidence of an employee’s actions.


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What HR needs to know about investigating an employee’s digital activity

You’ve been asked to review the digital activity of an employee. Your company has some concerns, and wants you to investigate. With the amount of enterprise-level technology and controls that most companies now have, shouldn’t that be fairly straightforward?


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