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The cost of security breaches in Canada


The cost of security breaches

There’s a new report from TELUS in partnership with the Rotman School of Management that helps quantify the cost of IT security breaches to Canadian companies.

The report, based on a survey of more than 600 IT security professionals in Canada found that:  

  • IT security breaches cost the average organization an estimated $834,000 in 2009 – a 97 per cent increase from the $423,000 reported last year.
  • There were an average of 11.3 reported IT security breaches per company in 2009, an increase of 276 per cent compared with 2008.
  • Many of these breaches were “inside jobs” perpetrated by a company’s own employees

For the Rotman School report, click here. For the story on, click here.

What has your company’s experience been?

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