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Privacy Commissioner’s report on public perception of companies’ privacy practices holds lessons for business

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (“OPC”) recently released a preliminary report outlining the results of a series of focus groups conducted with Canadians about privacy and the protection of personal information.


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The risks when workplace automation replaces humans

People charged with risk, governance, and assurance for their organization (i.e., the board; executive management team; risk, security, and audit practitioners) have a lot to monitor. Risks are changing and new risks are emerging all the time.


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Information security guidance

According to Deloitte, IT now plays many fundamental and highly beneficial roles in businesses, including:


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Change to policy on cryptographic item export permits

Do you deal in the export or transfer of information security goods, software and technology to countries other than the United States? If you do, you should know that the Export Controls Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has released new guidelines on its policy for issuing permits for these activities.


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