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Cannabis advertising in Canada: What we know right now

With the legalization of recreational cannabis approaching, regulations are being set to control the advertising and promotion of the product. Health Canada has indicated that it will not be pre-publishing the regulations for consultation. At this time, it does not appear that the proposed regulations will supplement the advertising provisions of the Cannabis Act, except in relation to packaging and labelling.


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W3C releases draft Do-Not-Track compliance standards

In today’s Internet, advertising is ubiquitous. It is the main source of revenue for many web sites and services. It is also the subject of increasing scrutiny by privacy advocates and regulators, as advertisers and ad networks develop ever-more sophisticated means to track and profile users in the quest to optimize their effectiveness.


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New reporting requirements for Internet-based businesses

Beginning with the 2013 taxation year, a corporation, partnership or self-employed individual earning income from one or more Internet webpages or websites must comply with certain reporting requirements and must file certain forms along with their tax return. Income generating webpages or websites must be disclosed, whether hosted inside or outside Canada. If the entity […]


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